Natasha Verma has three university degrees, is a TV reporter, film director and philanthropist—and, at 23, is just getting started.

Verma is:

  • Television reporter on NBC Boston’s weekday morning show.
  • Founder—at age 11—of the Community Awareness Program, a peer-to-peer diabetes and obesity education and prevention campaign Verma delivered in person to at least 100 schools in South Texas and via a self-produced video to others she could not visit.
  • Founder, former co-host and executive director of University of Texas at Austin’s student morning news show, Good Morning, Texas, which went on to win awards and air in 250,000 households, as well as in campus housing.
  • The University of Texas’ youngest-ever graduate. At 17, she earned two undergraduate degrees—in broadcast journalism and biology/pre-med.
  • The holder of a Columbia University master’s degree in journalism, earned at age 18.
  • Director and producer of Hardy, an award-winning documentary about female boxer Heather Hardy.
  • Founder, along with her family, of the nonprofit Verma Foundation, which is supporting educational needs in Delhi, India.